Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Water Intrusion Investigation Success

Recon Independent Assessments mobilized to Jacksonville, FL to perform diagnostic testing and examination of an existing building on the campus of University of North Florida in support of the Architect that is contracted by Facilities Maintenance to provide design services for repairs.
University of North Florida Campus

Once we had talked with the occupants of the building to understand the history and nature of the ongoing water intrusion problem, we began systematically investigating the building envelope components to isolate the cause of water reaching the interior, interrupting the staff's ability to work.
Water Testing To Determine Source of Leak

We were able to locate several issues that need to be addressed to arrest the water intrusion problem.

Problem Identified

Documentation of the issues, including pictures was completed and transmitted the following day.

Our relationships are built on results.

Its results like we delivered at UNF this week that has lead to us being involved on numerous similar projects there over the years.

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